Thursday, July 15, 2010

Do you even know what a healthy relationship is?!

Twitter's trending topic of "A good relationship" inspired me to write this blog post. Lately I have had conversations when some "troubled teens" who expressed to me that they thought it was ok for their boyfriend to hit them (under the right circumstances). This really bothered me, how can the young people of today have the idea that its ok to use physical violence at all?! ESPECIALLY in a romantic relationship! It just doesn't make sense and I wish I could do something about it but you can't help everyone right?

Well this is my attempt to help clarify to those who may not know, what a healthy relationship actually is. And I want to add that it is not rare to find these qualities in a relationship, it might be rare for you but you need to ask yourself "WHY?" is it that my relationship is not like this or my past relationships haven't been like this? DO NOT SELL YOURSELF SHORT! YOU DESERVE TO BE HAPPY! SO LET YOURSELF BE FREAKIN' HAPPY! QUIT MAKING EXCUSES!

If you haven't been satisfied with your previous relationships then maybe you should change your approach, you can't keep going about it the same way and expect different results! One last thing for my rant- MOST of the time, you will not find the woman or man of your dreams in a bar so quit trying.
Some qualities of a healthy relationship:
  • Feeling like your own person
  • Togetherness and separateness are balanced
  • Respect individuality; embraces differences
  • Take care of self and care for the other
  • Satisfied with the person you are with
  • Feelings responsible for your own happiness (doesn't depend on partner to be happy)
  • Creates happiness
Some qualities of an unhealthy relationship:
  • Feeling incomplete without partner
  • Too much or too little togetherness
  • Pressure to meet another's standards
  • Care and focus only on other person
  • Always looking for more or better
  • Relying on partner for happiness
  • Creates drama

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