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     A Lovin' Spoonful of Insight is a blog created by @HandyQuotes to express the belief that there is a type of therapy in quotes.  My belief is that a quote can give one a sort of therapeutical effect on those that connect with them.  So many quotes can be applied to so many different types of situations and provide a common connection between the author and the reader.  To know that someone else has had the exact same feeling as you at one point or another offers a relief at times, even if its minor.  This blog is designed to take quotes and reflect on their meaning as well as offer little spoonfuls of advice here and there.  Comments and opinions are strongly encouraged and greatly appreciated.
    Although I do prefer to keep my identity anonymous I should tell you a little bit about myself :) I have experience in areas pertaining to human sexuality, family life, minority groups, child welfare, addictions, and rape counseling.  My most passionate interest lies within the marriage relationship and what we can do to improve it for our future generations but relationships in general are my focus.  I love to learn and am constantly learning new things every day from everything and everyone around me.  I have an extremely open mind and will listen to just about any problem that a person could bring to me.

To contact me please email me at HandyQuotes@yahoo.com or Find me on Facebook or Twitter
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