Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy V-Day!

"Love is the master key that opens the gates to happiness."

Many people debate what Valentine's Day really celebrates, where it came from and why its so commercially popular. There are several reasons why we might celebrate Valentine's day or why it is called Valentine's Day.
According to and one legend, Valentine sent the first "valentine's" greeting when he was in prison and had fallen in love with the jailor's daughter who came to visit him during his time there. It is said that he signed the letter, "from your Valentine," which we still use today! Valentine was described as heroic, sympathetic, and most significantly known for his romanticism. By the Middle Ages Valentine had become a very popular saint throughout England and France, which is why some people believe that this is why we celebrate Valentine's day in February to celebrate the anniversary of his death.

There are always people that have something negative to say about Valentine's day but there's no need for that, if you don't have a boyfriend/girlfriend SO WHAT! I'm sure you have friends or family that you love that you should be thankful for. Just remember Valentine's Day is a celebration of love, all types of love. It's not "Single's Awareness Day" either, nobody cares if you are single or not, be appreciative of what you have, not envious of what you don't have.

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!!

Peace, Love, and Happiness sent your way,

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